Hints for completing the 2017 NCCC Convention Registration Form

The registration software will automatically fill in the entrants information using the data from the Membership Database if you enter in your COMPLETE NCCC number. The program will use that number to fill in the registration information.

NOTE: Your NCCC number is of the form RR-CCC-NNNN! RR is for the Region (RM, RR, EO, etc.), CCC is your club number, and NNNN is your member number within that club. If any of the information automatically filled in is incorrect, that means that your membership record is incorrect as well. If this happens, please contact your Club's Governor to update your NCCC Membership Database record. You may overwrite any of the fields (e.g. Street address, email address, phone number, etc.) on the Convention Registration form if they are not correct in order to expedite your registration for Convention.

Hotel reservations: Hotel reservations must be made through the Hotel by calling the Holiday Inn in Bowling Green directly at 1-270-745-0088 and ask to make a reservation for NCCC 2017. You will be transferred back to the sales office or directly to our group rooms coordinator to make your reservation. You will be charged a first night room and tax deposit which must be canceled outside of 2 months in order to get the deposit back for each room reserved. There is a two reservation limit when calling in, meaning that you can’t hold several rooms in your name and then cancel them later. You will need your NCCC # as a part of reservation so have that ready when calling in. Keep in mind that since you are calling in and not using a website, the person will only be available during regular business hours ( 8 am – 5 pm CT). Hotel room rate is $104.00 per night plus applicable taxes.

Overflow Hotel Information

Hilton Garden Inn Reservation InstructionsCourtyard by Marriott
OnlinePhone inWeb PagePhone in
  1. Go to: www.bowlinggreen.stayhgi.com
  2. Select your dates in the upper right hand corner
  3. Under the box (check availability) select (add special rate code option)
  4. Enter: NCCC into the box next to Group Code
  5. Select the (check availability box)
  6. Your selection of room types and rate will appear
  1. Please call 270-781-6778 between 8am – 5pm CT
  2. Give dates of your stay
  3. Request rate for: National Council of Corvette Clubs
  4. Rate: $119 per night plus applicable taxes
  1. Click here to go straight to the reservation web page for Hilton Garden Inn.
  1. Make reservations for the Event directly with Hotel prior to 7/21/2017.
  2. Guests can call reservations at 888-236-2427 or 270-783-8569 and request the NCCC National Convention block to obtain the group rate.
  3. Rate: $119 per night plus applicable taxes
For additional hotel reservations you may also go to http://www.VisitBGKY.com


Cut off date for registering for any competition is August 1. Cut off date for registering for convention online is August 1. These cut off dates will give us time to order trophies and gather information for registration.

Types of Convention Attendees: Please note that there are three types of Convention Attendees:

  1. Adults: Any adult over the age of 18 that is not dependent on his/her parents for food, shelter, etc. Spouses and other Companions are NOT dependents!
  2. Dependents: Any person between 16 and 26 who is dependent on his/her parents for food, shelter, etc. (e.g. children or grandchildren of an Adult Attendee).
  3. Youths: Any child or grandchild below the age of 16 of an Adult Attendee.

Credit Card Payments for the Convention will be processed via PayPal. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account in order to use this! Our registration process is encrypted and safe for transmitting credit card information. After you have paid for your Convention registration on the PayPal website, there is a button/link at the bottom of the page that needs to be clicked to bring you back for a final registration update. Please help our beleaguered Treasurer out and click on the link/button so our database will get updated with your payment information.

Prices: Adult, Dependent, and Youth Registration prices are per person and are date sensitive.

Youth Registration: This type of registration means the Youth (under 16) can go into the Hospitality room to get soft drinks and snacks, as well attend the competition events and the food functions. The parties are geared for adults only. There is no Youth program per se and the Adults that fill out the registration are responsible for the Youth(s) that register. Note: Babysitting will NOT be available

Emergency Contact: Please complete the emergency contact information section, preferably with someone not attending Convention. List the telephone number (home, business or cell) that the person can most likely be reached at any time.

Car Classes: Classes for all events are as listed in the NCCC Competition Rule Book. The online form has a drop down box for the class and year for each event. Please pick the year and class correctly.

If two people wish to register the SAME car for the People's Choice Car Show, please choose Navigator selection for the car. Do not select two Drivers or you will be charged double!!!.

Speed Events: The speed events will be at the NCM Motorsports Park near the hotel. The high speed event will be first on Tuesday and then the low speed on Wednesday.

Drag events: The drag events will be held at Beach Bend on Tuesday. We will have record and bracket events.

Overall Competitor: Entrants must enter five (5) events to qualify for the Overall Competitor. This year the overall competitor award fee will be donated to the Scholarship Fund for NCCC. The directors will score the event using the top 5 scores in eligible events for the entrants. You do not need to select your events this time. : If we do not get 20 people registered, the overall competitor award will not be given and registration money will be returned.

Tours: We have tried to select some different and interesting tours for you this year. Keep in mind that the tours are subject to cancellation if the buses (usually between 40 and 50 passengers) are not filled. It is expensive to secure buses for just a few people.

Bracket Drags: Please select one of the following four Brackets based on how your car performs.
A12.99 and quicker
B13.00 to 13.99
C14.00 to 14.74
D14.75 and slower

NOTE: Rallye and Funkhana events require a Driver and Navigator. The Driver is responsible for paying the entry fee. If someone not listed on your registration form will be your Navigator, please have them choose the Navigator entry on their registration form. The Navigator must be registered for Convention (NOT on a Day Pass). The classes for both have, as part of the class designation, either (Driver) or (Navigator). If you choose the Navigator part of the class, the entry is NOT charged, only entrants that have the (Driver) designation are charged.

Rallye: In addition to the Corvette Class we will also have a Metal Car Class.

Funkhana: Classes are:
Man Driver / Lady Navigator
Man Driver / Man Navigator
Lady Driver / Lady Navigator
Lady Driver / Man Navigator

Bus Tours: All bus tours need to be full and if not, may be cancelled. When you get to the Convention, please check the monitors for the tours as the times may change or the tour may be cancelled if there isn't enough participation.

Corvette Assembly Plant Tours: Although currently closed for maintenance, the Corvette Assembly Plant has tours that you MUST book in advance. To book your Corvette Assembly Plant tour, please click http://www.corvettemuseum.org/visit/plant-tours.

Golf Tournament:

Evening_Functions: The Monday night Champions Celebration will have a plated dinner. The Wednesday night bourbon taste has a small charge in order to set up the event. On Wednesday we are also planning on having some type of dessert available. NO DINNER. On Friday evening, the National recognition awards will be given out. There will be a plated dinner as well as the drawing for the car certificate/cash. Please plan on staying for these special awards. Competition event awards will be presented at the Friday morning Breakfast Buffet.

If you will be towing a rig to Convention PLEASE complete the section at the end of the form to indicate the length of the rig and either open or closed trailer.

Comments Section: Please use this section for pertinent information such as: Rally or Funkhana partner that is not listed on this entry form - Name and NCCC Number. Any additional information or requests that the convention treasurer can address.

Please NOTE that the registration process does not automatically acknowledge your registration entry!!! The Convention Treasurer must assign a convention number and verify that the payment has been received prior to sending an acknowlegement message. Paying for Convention is normally done via PayPal or check. Entrants can use a different method of payment in PayPal, not necessarily a credit card.

Note: If there are any issues encountered during the registration process, or questions about dates, times or events, please contact Cindy Urenda (Convention Treasurer) at (303) 739-9515 or via email at convention2017@corvettesnccc.org.

If you understand all of the above, please proceed to register for convention by clicking the below button.