NCCC Officer Candidates for 2019 ~ 2020

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For the Office
No Picture Available

Bernyce Molenda
Tin Hall Toys
Southwest Region
 Learn more about Bernyce Molenda 
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Dale Samuelson
Northern Illinois Corvette Club
Midwest Region
 Learn more about Dale Samuelson 

For the Office of
2nd Vice-President of
No Picture

Amelia Workman
Nashville Corvette Club
Southeast Region
 Learn more about Amelia Workman 

For the Office of Treasurer
No Picture Available

Chris Reitz
Midwest Region
Route 66 Corvette Club
  Learn more about Chris Reitz 

For the Office of Parliamentarian
No Picture Available

Kathy Brisbois
West Region
Cornhusker Corvette Club
  Learn more about Kathy Brisbois 

For the Office of
Director of Public Relations
No picture Available

John Cantelmo
East Region
High Point Cruisers
  Learn more about John Cantelmo 

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