2015-2016 NCCC Competition Manual (Rulebook)
  Cover, Introduction, Acknowledgments, Table of Contents & Chapters 1 thru 11
Competition Manual Cover
Introduction, Acknowledgments and Table of Contents
Chapter   1. General Information
Chapter   2. Speed Events
Chapter   3. Drag Races
Chapter   4. Funkhana
Chapter   5. Rallye
Chapter   6. Economy Run
Chapter   7. Concours D'Elegance (Includes People's Choice Concours)
Chapter   8. Championship Points
Chapter   9. Protests and Appeals
Chapter 10. Teardown Procedures
Chapter 11. Time Trials
Chapter 12. Forms
12.1 Event Sanction Request Form  (EXCEL)
12.2 NCCC Official Flyer Outline  (WORD)   (PDF)
12.3 NCCC Registration Form  (WORD)   (PDF)
12.4 NCCC Tech Inspection/Classification Form  (WORD)   (PDF)
         for Speed Events, Funkhanas and Drag Races
12.5 NCCC Event Completion Summary Form
         NOTE: It is highly recommended to save this Form to your
             computer before entering your Event Results.
12.6 Tech for Rallies and Economy Runs  (WORD)   (PDF)
12.7 Rulebook Clarification Request  (WORD)   (PDF)
12.8 Personal Point Record  (WORD)   (PDF)
12.9 Rulebook Change Request Form  (WORD)   (PDF)
Competition Committee Clarifications
Reference Guides & Charts
Corvette Tire & Wheel Chart (March 10, 2015)
High Speed Driving School Recommended Guideline
Caravan Guidelines   (Formerly Chapter 11)


Dale Samuelson
Vice President-Competition

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